Status : Ongoing

Department : Engineering

Bhubaneswar Town Centre Project

The Bhubaneswar Town Centre Project (BTC) is envisioned as the city’s first planned Transit Oriented Development (TOD) initiative and first smart building project in Bhubaneswar. As part of the Bhubaneswar Smart City Proposal (SCP), the city’s Area Based Development vision is centered around the BTC project site. This 12- acre site, located on the west side of the railway tracks at the Master Canteen square, is accessible directly from the city’s main commercial spine- Janpath Road.

BTC will serve as Bhubaneswar’s new Multimodal Hub on the opportunities presented by the railway station’s expansion; while at the same time maximizing the site’s potential to promote transit and pedestrian oriented development that will ultimately help in leveraging the private sector investment in improving the area’s infrastructure capacities.