Status : Upcoming

Department : Engineering

Khordha Market Complex

Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) is developing Market Complex at Khordha for rehabilitation of shopkeepers (around 600 in nos.). The proposed project site is located near government land at Habeli Pond, Khordha on an area of 2.16 Acres.

The market complex will be preferably with B+G+2 floors. Minimum accommodation for 600 numbers of shops is to be provided in the available floor area. The scheme should be prepared with the following provisions:   

  • i) Adequate Toilet
  • ii) Safety against fire hazards
  • iii) Adequate ventilation space 
  • iv) Fish/Meat Etc. Market located at one end
  • v) Appropriate ventilation system
  • vi) Sufficient staircase, service lift and passenger lift
  • vii) Accommodate weights and food inspectors Office Space 
  • viii) Amphitheatre facility to increase the scope of visit during special occasions and recreational events